The Many Colors of the Olympic Peninsula


For those who’ve not been lucky enough to visit the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, I only hope that one day you will come and see for yourself, the peninsula in all its glory. After growing up only a stone’s throw from the area and spending numerous childhood days roaming the fields and forests of the Olympic Peninsula, I am delighted that life has lead me back to one of the most beautiful places in all of the world. People who do not live in Washington sometimes concludethat the whole state is green due to the rain or gray due to the clouds. Actually nothing could be further from the truth. The hues of the Olympic Peninsula and all of Washington State are the colors of the rainbow! Sequim Washington, the hub of the Olympic Peninsula has more rainbows on a regular basis than any place I have ever been. This rainbow literally ended at the John Wayne Marina. I was at the Dockside Grill enjoying a wonderful meal of fresh halibut topped with fresh crab last summer and this was right outside the window.

Rainbow at John Wayne Marina

From the verdant Olympic National Park’s rainforest to the cobalt blue sky on a clear day, to the lavender fields of Sequim, to the blue-grey of the water on an overcast day, the colors here captivate my soul and remind me of how lucky I am to be here. It is for this reason I am blogging about it. I want to share

this amazing place with all who cross my path. If you are considering a move to the area from another part of Washington, or are considering moving up here from California, another state or even Canada I am sure you too will marvel at the beauty that surrounds you when you arrive.

Hurricane Ridge

Any of you who may be reading this who are colleagues of mine from my former life as a Realtor in California can rest assured that if you have clients considering moving from California to Sequim, Port Angeles or any other area on the Olympic Peninsula, I will take great care of them!

A delightful day this past June I was showing a former colleague of mine this area while she was up here visiting. I took her to Hurricane Ridge where we had a pristine view of the Olympic Mountains right alongside the grazing deer.

Lake Crescent WA

We traveled to Lake Crescent as well and had dinner at Lake Crescent Lodge. I pass by this lake at least a couple of times a month and it never fails to take my breath away!

Purple Haze Lavender Farm Sequim WA

Of course as the Lavender Capitol of the United States, Sequim abounds in the color, lavender! A recent visit to the lavender farms in and around Sequim was a photographic bonanza and of course a very calming experience due to the effects of lavender.

If biking is your thing, then one of the really amazing activities on the Olympic Peninsula is the Olympic Discovery trail. Stretching 130 miles from Port Townsend to the Pacific Ocean, this is something not to be missed if you are a hiker or biker.

Morse Creek on the Olympic Discovery TrailThe photo here is of the portion of the trail that traverses Morse Creek near Port Angeles. The trail is peaceful and scenic and a way to get out and enjoy the fresh air and meet other like-minded individuals. I can’t believe how lucky I am to live just a couple of miles from the trail! If you are in the area, especially in the spring or summer you can even rent a bike at a local bike store and enjoy this activity with your family.

Sunrises and sunsets here are also simply stunning! There is something about the light here right before dawn and right before dusk that is just magical to me. I never ever get tired of watching the sunrises and sunsets.

Pink Sunrise in Sequim WA

The pinks, purples and orange hues of the sky captivate me every time! Another amazing color to see is the dark black of the night sky peppered with a million stars. The lack of light pollution makes it possible to see stars like you’ve never seen before. The entire galaxy unfolds and you realize how tiny you are in the whole scheme of things.

Fall is a time to view the Olympic Peninsula decked out in orange and red.

Fall in Sequim

Driving along a country road last fall, I captured this idyllic photo of a maple tree in all it’s fall glory! I had almost forgotten about fall colors because in Southern California there really is very little of fall due to the milder climate.

Of course the grey-blue hues of the water juxtaposed against the cloudy sky are a predominant color here in the Northwest. The color reminds me of the a Tahitian pearl. I never tire of it.

Shine Beach Port LudlowAfter living for so many years in the Southern California landscape where years of drought have diminished the vibrant colors down to a sepia version of a once colorful place, I am so grateful to be here and look forward to helping anyone planning to move to Sequim, Port Angeles or anywhere else here on the Olympic Peninsula. If you like the photos here on this blog, more can be found on my Facebook page.