I Live On The Olympic Peninsula


I live where bald eagles soar nearby and trumpeter swans take flight on cold, clear, clean lakes. I live where multitudes of migratory birds find respite in the marshes and Roosevelt Elk grace us with their visits in the fields and mountains around us.

I live where impossibly bright stars dot the coal black night sky, making me mindful of how truly small and insignificant all of our earthly squabbles are. I live where clouds travel so fast sometimes that you think you are watching time-lapse footage on the Discovery Channel.

I live where people take the time to wave to you while you are driving down the street or walking your dog even though they don’t know you.

Pink Sky in Sequim

I live where on any given morning, a glance out my window at sunrise reveals a pink sky framed by the silhouette of fir trees.

I live where Orca whales and numerous types of salmon live their lives just beyond my sight in the rivers, lakes and sea all around me. I live a mile from the Olympic Discovery Trail where you can ride for miles and miles on a dedicated bike trail that traverses fields past wildlife and livestock, over rivers and through forests.

I live in the Olympic Peninsula Rain Shadow where rainbows occur on a regular basis due to the colliding of sun and rain.

I live where you can walk in the forest and feel the visceral quietude as you step on eons of moss. I live on the Olympic Peninsula in Sequim, Washington. OMG how lucky am I?!

If you are longing for a change of pace and want to slow down a bit and be able to appreciate the world around you perhaps you are considering a move to Sequim Washington or somewhere else on the Olympic Peninsula. That is where I can help! After living out of the Northwest for several years, I am lucky enough to be here again and work with others who are searching for their perfect home in their perfect place. I am a local Realtor who’s heart is here.

Sue Eller's Video Bio

Please click here to watch my short 2 minute video to learn more about me and if you like what you see, give me a call at 360 797-3081 or email me at sue.eller@rsir.com.