Buyer and Seller

For the future fans of Eller the Seller:
Our 007 of Realty! We needed help and fast, so who else would we turn to but the best… Eller, Sue Eller. Not only did her license to sell prove invaluable, her expertise in buying left us in a win-win situation.
We met Sue while touring one of her open houses and were immediately drawn in by her warm, spirited personality, along with being impressed with how she impeccably presented the property. The very next day, we found a home we loved and called her to represent us in buying it. We hadn’t expected to find a home so quickly, being it was the first weekend we actually decided to have some fun looking, and had not listed our current house yet, nor started looking for a selling agent.
Sue literally went into action. She worked with us to de-clutter and stage our house, even bringing her own beautiful accents to help stage, literally the day after Christmas. She knew the area and the market trends, did a fantastic job with the posting, hosted a wonderful open house and brought us over 10 offers within a week. We were able to sell the house $15k over asking and even the buyers’ situation was a bit difficult, Sue dealt with all of it without passing the headaches on to us.
In tandem, Sue worked with us to present a well-written, heartfelt offer to the seller of the home we wanted. It was accepted even though we had the contingency and were asking for a 60-day escrow. Sue arranged all the property inspectors, referred a terrific lender, and helped us meet all the deadlines in time.
Sue tackled all the hurdles and not only did our house sell on time, she coordinated it with our new home and both escrows closed within minutes on the same day so our moving was smooth.
We couldn’t have done it without Sue! She was our “Bond” throughout. Anyone planning to work with Sue would be very lucky to have someone of her caliber on their side.
Many thanks Sue. You are the best!
Best Wishes,
Bynette and Greg
Bynette &