Chrissy Pietrosh

Five years ago when my husband and I started house hunting, either fate, luck or divine intervention put us right in front of Sue Eller. I knew within moments of talking to Sue that she would be the person to guide us through the process of buying our first house. She was charming and happy and someone I actually liked. But that didn’t mean she wasn’t a fantastic agent that was willing to fight for us. Her nickname “The Nice Shark” is well earned.

For the next eight months Sue’s happiness and charm never dampened as we dragged her from house to house looking for the right one. My pickiness paid off and with Sue’s help we moved in to our dream home. The most perfect house ever. A home I never wanted to leave.

That is until I had three kids in two years. Then my dream home felt really really small. When we decided to start looking for a new dream home our first and only call was to Sue Eller. I didn’t know how long it would take. Not only was I still picky, but inventory was small, buyers were plentiful and bidding wars were the norm. Instead of eight months it took eight days. We found our house. And now it was Sue’s job to make sure we got it. The Nice Shark attacked and though there was a bidding war and though I’m not certain ours was the highest offer, we were accepted. In the next few weeks I would hear from the seller’s agent time and time again how good Sue was. How professional Sue was. How lucky I was to have Sue. But I already knew that 😉 It was nice to be validated in my choice. Sue Eller is the kind of realtor that other realtors want to work with. They respect her and know she knows what’s she’s doing. They feel safe telling their clients to accept her offers.

So that’s two houses bought. But I still had one to sell. Sue and her team worked their magic and my house was ready to be listed in no time at all. Within a week we had multiple offers and a bidding war that sent the price almost 10% over asking. With so many good options it was a comfort to have Sue there to help us weed through the offers. Though she always reminded us, in the end it was our choice. Through unforeseen circumstances and absolutely no fault of Sue’s – the original buyer fell through. Once again in record time our house was back on the market and we were once again in a bidding war. Again Sue helped us weed through many excellent offers. When we selected a new buyer, Sue was there for every inspection, every step of the process. We closed on time and for more than we imagined our little house was worth.

Sue has done so much for us. She doesn’t just buy and sell houses – she helps families find homes. And she knows that this isn’t just business. This is life. This is where your kids are going to go to school. This is where you will come home to at the end of the day. This is where your will invite friends and family over to celebrate. Sue gets that. Maybe that’s why she’s so damn good at this. Maybe that’s why even though I no longer need her as a realtor (for a while I hope!) I will always have her as a friend.