Glen Baker

If you are preparing to sell a property or home and in need of an exceptional real estate agent, I would highly recommend and urge you to utilize the services of Sue Eller. Sue is an outstanding real estate agent who truly goes the extra mile in providing the best possible representation and service for her clients. My wife and I recently sold our home and Sue was instrumental in making this deal happen quickly and efficiently. Sue is very upfront and honest with her clients and very ethical in all that she does. She is very proactive and hands on in all that they do and when our house was “staged” for first going on the market, it looked incredible. We had multiple offers in the first week at the asking price and the house sold quickly.

A few weeks later Sue also assisted me in the selling of a condo in the Montrose area of Glendale. This property went on the market just as I was relocating for work to Beijing, China. Again, this property had multiple offers in the first week and also sold very quickly above the initial asking price. I was worried about the difficulty I might have in getting all the paperwork and documents signed while being in China. Sue was very proactive in getting as much as possible done before my departure, and then, through the use of “docusign,” everything else was done electronically with great ease. You can’t go wrong in using Sue Eller and I highly recommend her both as a person and an outstanding real estate agent.