Jay Hughey

Sue is extremely professional, motivated and innovative. Besides being a pleasure to work with, I found her efforts and involvement were not only performed in a timely manner, but more importantly with and uncommon zeal and excitement for my project. I was most impressed with her business acumen regarding the development of “just the right target market” that would draw the most potential buyers based on the specific design and aesthetic qualities of my house. She has an impressive understanding of the marketplace and worked diligently to find comparable properties and numerous examples of recent home sales that helped me immensely in determining the appropriate price.
She spent literally days at my house, physically staging it for the first open house. I watched Sue at work, planting flowers and arranging garden furnishings that truly transformed the appearance of my fairly plain Jane areas of my yard and patios. Her eye and talent for set-dressing the interior spaces was equally amazing. The house never looked so beautiful, both inside and out. I highly recommend to any home buyer or seller to give very strong consideration to retaining her services. Sue is tops in my book and I only wish she lived in my new city so that she could help me with the purchase of my new home in another state. I would hire Sue again and again if I could.