Missy Breslin

I spoke with Dottie last night as she was packing to go visit her sister in Poulsbo. She is so happy living at her new home and having the freedom to go on outings, take classes and just enjoy life. You were such an important part of making this happen. Right from the get-go, you saw the potential in Mom’s townhouse and how to stage it and feature it in a very challenging housing market. You are such a fantastic real estate agent.

More than anything, Sue, you were very gentle with Mom, helping to guide her through the maze of real estate and legal technicalities. When the house was on the market last summer and Mom fell and injured her back, you immediately shifted gears and did so much work behind the scenes to make sure that Mom would not be inconvenienced while she was recovering. During all this, you were still able to get the house under contract. My sisters and I always recognized that Mom was your top priority, which speaks volumes for your professionalism and integrity, not to mention your kindness and compassion. We will always be so grateful for all you did.

I have no doubt that you will continue to be very successful in real estate and all your endeavors because you are not only highly competent but also a wonderful person. You are “Sue Eller, the Seller” and so much more.