Pat Corcoran

You may think that selling a home is not even close to the “rocket science’ that we do everyday at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory where I work, but selling a home does take expertise in many disciplines, and Sue Eller has it all! She is not only a hard worker and dedicated realtor, who understands the ‘ins and outs’ of the business, but also a person who brings a great deal of creativity to every aspect of the process. She was quick to provide a set of impressive references for all her accomplishments. She also put together an excellent package of information on the process of selling a home. If she is not quite as familiar with a neighborhood, as was the case with my home in Altadena, she did not hesitate to call in other experts to help determine the optimum price point for selling my home. Many realtors would not have the connections or the skills to do such a task. Sue did and used it for our advantage. In addition, she proved to always be a good listener to my views on subjects and to my requests for information.

She put together an excellent marketing plan, had creative and interesting photos taken that displayed my home beautifully. She also used her savvy computer skills and keen eye to create a terrific video of the home, and of course set it to music and narration. These are all things that many agents cannot execute as skillfully, but which are very important to presenting one’s home in the best light to potential buyers! She did a great job of suggesting improvements that would help sell the home.

At every step of the way, she listened to my opinions and concerns and acted on them. She was skilled in setting up ways for me to stay informed and handle offers, even when I was on vacation in Europe. She stays on top of things at all times, has a good rapport with other agents, but at all times has you, her client, as her first priority. She was good at counseling me when we had multiple offers at one point and responded well to my saying that one offer was just not good enough that I wanted to accept it. She worked even harder to ensure we had many open houses, since that is an important part of selling a home. She was good at negotiations with the other realtors, when we again had to deal with offers and all subsequent tasks of getting items repaired, filling out all the paperwork, etc. She will hold your hand at each step of the process, always trying to be one step ahead with getting things organized and operating smoothly. She stays focused, gets things done efficiently, and offers good advice at each step of the process. Always very friendly, responsive and well prepared, she is someone who you should not hesitate to have handle all your real estate matters, knowing that she will do her absolute best to make your home buying or selling experience a very satisfying one!

Thanks Sue for all your dedication, perseverance, sense of humor, and most of all your skill & creativity in doing an excellent job!