Peter Henderson

My wife and I sold our home for more than 10 percent above our asking price in the middle of the near breakdown in the U.S. economy, and that is largely due to Sue Eller. We got 10 offers within 3 days of listing the home, just as stock markets were melting down around the world. Because we were in a hurry to move, the original price was a bargain, but the final price per sq ft was above market value.

Sue is an enthusiastic and generous person with a clear idea of what needs to be done to sell a house and a willingness to put forth some elbow grease to get it done. She know what a house should look like for buyers and doesn’t confuse that with what the house wants to buy herself looks like—and that is crucial. She is a professional, and it shows in everything from the quality of the photos she had taken of our house–which friends and family (and potential buyers) drooled over–to the way she dealt with hordes of people coming through to look at it.

She is persistent as well as friendly which is a good combination for dealing with people making one of the biggest transactions of their lives. And she really understood what made our house unique. We had worked a lot on it, but it needed more work, and she saw the potential and the best way to show it off. She gave us an estimate of costs to prepare the home for sale and the actual cost was close to it. That’s partly because she came in and fixed up our garden herself. There were lots of potential pitfalls along the way, and Sue navigated them with aplomb. We would happily work with her again and recommend her highly.