Port Angeles Home Sellers- Blue Mountain Rd

When time finally caught up to my wife and me and we realized it was time to downsize from our multi-bedroom log home sitting on 160 acres of land we knew the only company that could handle an estate such as ours was Sotheby’s. That’s how we met Sue Eller, realtor.  Sue and other members of the Sotheby’s organization came to our home, mapped out a plan to make it as marketable as possible to the widest set of demographics and then brought in a team to make it all happen.  My wife and I felt that this would not be an easy task because of the uniqueness of our home. We were anticipating a two-to-three-year sales program.  But from the time of listing to the time we closed, a mere eight months went by.  And it was due to Sue and Sotheby’s diligence making sure the property was being seen by the right potential buyers that made things go as quickly as they did. 


Sue’s marketing ideas using both internet options as well as the more traditional ones made sure our property was being seen by as many people as possible, not just here in the USA but around the world.  It was the amazing marketing website that Sotheby’s created which ultimately sold our home to a family in New Jersey.  With our home in the northwest corner of the state of Washington the marketing campaign reached from coast-to-coast and paired our property with the perfect buyer.  Sue Eller and her team made this happen in a timely manner.  Thanks, Sue.