Port Townsend Buyer and Seller

I am living in the home of my dreams(!) It all happened in the flash of an eye thanks to the hard work of Sue Eller.  As my seller’s agent, Sue capably helped prepare my condo for a speedy sale – it worked!  I was thrilled that the condo sold its first day on the market.  I had extremely limited time to prepare for the sale and Sue consistently demonstrated resourcefulness and hustle coordinating needed improvements, staging, and marketing the condo for sale.  She led that process.  I am convinced that her years in the entertainment industry combined with her innate diligence and focus made her the ideal realtor for completing the sale of my property with a minimum of fuss and speedy results for me.   As my buyer’s agent, Sue listened deeply to my interests and was patient with my explorations.  She blended empathy from her artistic side with intelligence from her professional side to help me find my dream home.  And then she made quick order of the entire purchase process – she handled all the logistics and made things simple for me.  I couldn’t have made this move without Sue’s guidance and support every step of the way.  No matter what dream you are pursuing, I recommend Sue as a real estate agent on either side of the transaction!