Robert Johnson

This note is an effort to convey my sincerest thanks for your incredible work in shepherding the sale of our above residence. You were just an extraordinary advocate and ally. I was unexpectedly overwhelmed with the intangibles that you brought to the process.
Your splendid sense for staging the property, along with your eye for, and attention to detail, made me envious of the successful buyer.

Equally impressive were:
• your skillful dealing with us as potentially difficult clients, guiding us to “price to sell”, without compromising our return
• your tactful handling of offers and counter-offers
• your orchestration of contractors and service providers to cost effective, timely and cost efficient results
• your calm and unflappable demeanor throughout, especially in dealing with the inevitable unforeseen events and issues
One of the few things approximating the anxiousness of purchasing a home is the stress of selling one. You were nothing short of exceptional in your handling of our sale.

As I said to you when I last saw you, I look forward to our next working together!